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Throwing dirt on clean Missouri...

The 2018 ballot issue known as Clean Missouri, was passed by Missouri voters is 2018 in magnificent fashion. It received 62% of the vote. Now, if you understand electoral politics, it's hard to get 62% of people to agree that it's daytime. 

The proposed Clean Missouri law which would ultimately become an amendment to the Missouri constitution, was legislation geared towards capping campaign contributions, limiting the powers of lobbyists and revamping the redistricting process. This is objectively, a very good thing. It returns power to the voter...to the people. 

Sen. Bill Eigel, R-Weldon Spring and others have been trying to nullify the law ever since it was passed. One of the arguments is that the measure "should have never made it on the ballot because it included too many topics."(1) 

That's a priceless argument. Let's tell the electorate that they're too dumb to understand more than one or two things at a time. As always, when people can't challenge the facts (i.e. Clean Missouri is a good thing), they challenge the process. I double dare you stand on that argument. We're ready for you.

My political instinct tells me that elected opponents of the measure are really most concerned with two things in the legislation: 1) capping campaign contributions and 2) redistricting. 

First, let's talk campaign contribution limits. Corporations are not people. People should financially support and elect our political leaders, not dark money and special interests with unlimited resources who have no accountability to the public. 

Second, redistricting is the proverbial elephant in the room in every statehouse across the country. State redistricting happens every 10 years following the census. And it effects elections across the state for the following decade. Majority parties within statehouses have gerrymandered the election maps in order to maintain electoral advantage; effectively choosing their voters instead of allowing a more nonpartisan redistricting process where voters choose their leaders. 

In Missouri, Republicans control the statehouse and they are trying to subvert the Clean Missouri law, that again 62% of Missouri voters approved, because it undermines their power dynamic. 

Missouri voters made the right call for cleaner and fairer politics in Missouri. Don't allow entrenched politicians to put their thumb on the scale and dirty up something we just cleaned.


(1) Repealing Clean Missouri Amendment At Top Of The List For Some Lawmakers (12/27/19)

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