Current Project Portfolio Example

Teona - Banner Logo

Logo development.

Team Teona - website screenshot

Creation of a dynamic website.

Team Teona - mobile screenshot

Website created to work well on all mobile and tablet devices.

Teona - Banner - with logo

Banners created for all social media.

Teona McGhaw-Boure - campaign kick-off

Invitations created to campaign developed events.

Teona - Happy New Year

Graphics created to acknowledge important events and holidays as needed.

Teona - blog post screenshot

Website blogs created for candidate to address issues as needed.

Teona - Intro video screenshot

Blog post can be used to create text driven video content. Second chance to capture audience with same content.

Teona - Womens March video screenshot

Inexpensive but effective mobile content, branded for a little polish on the go.

Teona - literature

First literature piece of the cycle (front).

Teona - literature

Making a statement with the first literature piece of the cycle (back)

Teona - Wine About the Region - Special

A little LIVE Podcast love to liven-up and capture the kick-off.