Today's the day!

Are you...

   -stepping up to the plate to run for office, 

   -trying to move public opinion and support for a group or cause,

   -or are you a local government, agency or nonprofit looking to advance your organization's position with elected officials on an important issue?

...then you've come to the right place.


Today I announce my candidacy for...

Answering a call to serve your community is one of our societies most precious honors. Often potential candidates consult with family and friends to help weigh the decision. 


Now, you've made the decision. You're all in because you believe you have the strength, vision and tenacity to bring positive change to your community. What's the next step?


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Life is one campaign...

after another.

Community engagement is a must...

No matter how important the issue, your group or cause needs to have the support of the community it serves. MoveWorth can create or help improve:

  • messaging

  • awareness

  • media coverage

  • social media currency

  • legislative plan

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Relationships are key...

It is crucial to develop and maintain relationships with elected officials in order to advocate for legislative change. We work with office holders from the local, to state even to the federal level. Let's have a discussion about your needs.

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