Political IP Targeting

With MoveWorth you are able to send banner ads to key political offices or households segmented by party affiliation. That means registered Democrats, Republicans, and independents can all receive tailored messaging that is verified and based on empirical data, not online cookies or “predictive models”. You will find no other online marketing platform that can target voters the way we do. Through our partnership with the nation's leader in IP targeting, we are able to match a physical address to IP 1:1 with extreme precision, which makes IP Targeting a secret weapon for political campaigns. By using voter databases and CRM data lists, you can be ensured that your political message is relevant and effective to the household you’re targeting. 

**This patented technology has been used in over 2,000 political campaigns.**

Get out the vote (GOTV) campaigns in a digital space are a great way to engage with your voters. Adding this application via IP targeting can ensure that you’re reaching specific households you know support your campaign.

Get out the vote (GOTV)

Ip targeting on voter database

Using patented IP Targeting algorithm, that address found in your voter database is now paired with an IP address, creating a way to send digital banner and video advertisements directly into that voters home. 

venue replay political events

Your campaign can select specific locations that include high value voters. For example, a protest, a convention, or maybe a grassroots event organized by some of your supporters. Our platform grabs the device IDs that were present at that location. From there, we map those devices back to a physical address where IP targeting can be implemented.

Why use IP Targeting in your campaign?

Digital delivery enables us to provide a much higher frequency (50x-90x) than direct mail, TV, radio, and print.

We are able to answer the three biggest challenges in political campaigns:
1. Standing Out: Targeting with creative display and video ads
2. Connecting: Targeting party specific registered voters
3. Reaching Voters: Targeting voters online throughout the day