Our Vision
All individuals and organizations should have access to the information, resources and expertise to be more effective at what they do.

Our Mission
To offer dynamic consulting and advocacy services to both established organizations, as well as those trying to find their way. 

Who we are

 It’s about working with people we like on issues we care about.  It’s about challenging one another and our clients to continue to learn and grow, to give back, to communicate better and to think differently. 


We have a set of values, experiences and expertise – in the public, private and non-profit sectors, in the local, national and international arena, in government, politics, communications and policy – that, when combined, will provide our clients with a uniquely nuanced and strategic focus.


MoveWorth is a strategic consultancy for decision-makers in business, government and community organizations who operate in increasingly complex, unpredictable and challenging environments. 


We probe, ask, think, analyze and act. We are ready to anticipate, leverage, manage or mitigate your legal, political, policy, reputational and communication challenges and opportunities.


Our approach is informed by our values of thoughtful, honest counsel, civic engagement and over a half-century of combined community and capacity building experience.

We have deep experience with large, complex projects and diverse skills in strategic communications, economic development, information analysis, and policy.


We have broad insight into the St. Louis community and the aptitude to uncover and overcome dominant-mindset biases.


Bill Ray

Managing Director

Over 10 years of direct community relationship and capacity building experience with nonprofit, business, elected officials and other stakeholders. Successful in and committed to advancing social, economic and workforce development opportunities to foster growth in the St. Louis region, and across the state of Missouri.


Xavier Souter

Director of Digital Media

Oversees company’s digital media efforts, including websites and social media. Develops and curates shareable content; determining which platform is best suited for each piece of content; building and managing social media profiles and presence; directing paid search and social campaigns and analyzing the performance of those campaigns; maintaining brand consistency across platforms; assessing SEO configurations; monitoring analytics; managing the digital budget; and fostering vendor relationships.

Lori Fiegel 3.png
Lori Fiegel

Strategy and Innovation Analyst

With a career spanning more than three decades with St. Louis County Government. Lori has overseen long-range planning, public policy initiatives, and citizen engagement with St. Louis County’s Planning Department. For the last four years, she led the Office of Strategy and  Innovation focusing on data-driven performance improvement and results.


She is passionate about assisting organizations and communities build capacity to reach their long-term goals. She has led five countywide strategic plans and has worked on a wide array of policy issues including demographic change, housing, economics, transportation, and community development.


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